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Rifle Schoolwear was acquired by the Alperin family in 1993. The company was a long time customer of the Alperins'.They were a successful supplier of boy's trousers and blazers to department and specialty stores,while also having a niche in the school uniform market, prior to the acquisition. In 2005, David Reif, son of one of the founders of Rifle acquired a partnership interest and he currently oversees the sales and marketing initiatives of Rifle Schoolwear.

With the advent of growing school uniform policies in many of the nations larger municipal school districts, Rifle has taken its traditional "Official School Wear" product line and created a new division, broadening the product offering to include jumpers and pants for girls. Rifle manufactures products primarily in the Dominican Republic, but also imports some products from China and Bangladesh. The company now exclusively produces products for the school uniform market and enjoys marketing synergies with Kaynee, an affiliate.

Kaynee is the boys and girls shirt and fleece specialist serving the school uniform market. We are proud of our great values in knits and woven shirts and fleece as well as the dependability of our in-stock program.

In 1888, Jacob Kastriner and Charles Eiseman combined talents to manufacture "K and E" boys waist and blouses. They incorporated the organization in 1914 as the Kaynee Company. Ever since that time the company has maintained an enviable record of quality and initiative. In June 2001 members of the Alperin family led an investor group, including key Kaynee management employees, in the purchase of the Kaynee shirt company - a profitable division of Hampton Industries, a public company in the process of an orderly liquidation.

Proudly, Kaynee has shipped every season for 123 years! Kaynee has a number of firsts to its credit. For example: in 1910 Kaynee devised and patented the first loop drawstring for boys shirts. Kaynee also took significant leads in advertising, it was the first boys manufacturer to show its apparel in magazines and newspapers. Kaynee also developed the exclusive "Nexpander" collar band that actually grows with the wearer.

Today Kaynee, LLC is an independent company affiliated with the Astro Apparel Group and its sister company Rifle Schoolwear, LLC marketing the same quality products with the same stringent standards it has become known for since 1888. Kaynee has expanded its school uniform offering from the basic white broadcloth shirt to include oxford, pique, jersey blends, all cotton pique and jersey and fleece. Kaynee and Rifle take pride in being market leaders well attuned to the needs of their customers. ASTRO has a management contract with Kaynee and is responsible for management, administrative and distribution activities on behalf of the company.